The People Who Said No

I wanted to thank the people who said "No". 

We always remember the people who said yes to us, who opened a door, made an introduction, agreed to cowrite, agreed to listen, to publish, or even to cut a song. Any list of milestones is a product of so many people who helped us take one step forward, or even stopped us from taking a step back.  My deepest thanks to all of you who have been a part of that progress.

Early on though, before any good things could happen, there were people who needed to tell me -- gently, humorously, bluntly, firmly, or with words of encouragement: No. Or even, not yet. Not yet there. Not yet good enough to be great. Needs more work, more inspiration, more perspiration. More ... something. Keep going. Work at your craft. I need to thank those people, all of you, for words of encouragement as well. Because I'm still working at it. 

Thanks to all of you.  I'll be knocking on the door again soon, God willing. 

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