Time to Get Moving

I had two poems included in an art exhibition this weekend -- they'll be hanging in the gallery and hallway for another week or two -- and that's fine with me. It felt good to be doing something with those aspects of my creative abilities. 

I've realised that my love of songwriting does not mean that the rest of my creative life has to remain on permanent pause. There's only so much energy, so much daylight, so many evenings, so many weekends... but if I do nothing with that time, there might as well not be any.

I am more conscious than ever that time slips away from me while I'm agonising about what to do with it.  If the water we craved evaporated before we could drink it, well we'd be dreadfully thirsty ... and terribly upset.  But not so much when it's life itself that slips away? Well, maybe that's just me. I'm not preaching here, just sharing.

I wrote a song earlier last year, titled Beyond His Reach, about this very subject.

Someday ain't today, that's all I'm saying. So today, I'm planning to take one small step further toward another dream of mine.  It's time to get moving. 


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