Refocus and restart ... Getting to progress

Wow !   Turns out, it's been months since I had anything new to say in this space. Well that isn't going to continue. In the intervening time, I've finished the first draft of a first novel, and gotten two thirds of the way, approximately, toward the end of another first draft for another novel..  All that, and I wrote some poetry, finished some short fiction, and managed to reach the semifinalist stage for the John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award.  Oh, and I managed to write a new song or two.  

That's the life outside of work. One of the reasons I'm pleased about it is that both of the novels in progress were started off around 2001.  So while that fact might make the eventual completion of a draft look less like an accomplishment, it still feels great to be finishing this stage of a long process.  And I can tell myself .... You didn't give up.  Patience and persistence, even from the impatient.  I managed to refocus, restart, and progress.  Only time will tell if the result will endure ... Will I find a publisher? But meanwhile, I feel pleased that I didn't give up.  

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