Fiction and Poetry: 

Bruce Madole is an award-winning author and songwriter.  A writer of poetry, lyric, and both short and long fiction, (he recently won the John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award for 2017),  Bruce has completed four novels in the humorous crime genre, and is currently working on his next.  


As a songwriter, Bruce writes in roots, folk, and country ... and he is a great believer in the power of story and character.  

"To me, a song is a story about 18 lines long ... and my task as a songwriter is to try and change the world with 18 lines."  

In 2003, Bruce and his wife Marlene founded a songwriters concert series they called The Source of the Song.  Its purpose was to focus on the magic of hearing the original songwriters performing their own compositions ... to acknowledge the essential role that songwriters play in the music industry.  There's more details about Source of the Song on this site. 

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