Feel the magic of original songs,

performed by the people who wrote them! 

The Source of the Song is an acoustic songwriters concert series, held (currently) two or three times a year, in "writers in the round" format.  It's often, but not always, held in an intimate little town hall building, in the hamlet of Glen Williams, Ontario, which is part of Halton Hills, on the northern edge of Georgetown.

(Historical Side note:  This same town hall was once used by Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables, to stage plays.  It has an old but beautiful vibe.)

I host and perform in the show, usually with two or three special songwriter guests. Source of the Song was originally founded with (and is co-produced with) my wife Marlene Madole, an incredibly talented painter whose studio is located right nearby, in Studio 7 at The Williams Mill.  

Source of the Song is a magical experience -- a listening room, lively sound, and the incredible talents of songwriters performing their own materials.  Some of our guests are famous, or their songs are, and some of them are tremendously talented writers whose day will come.  Some of our guests are old friends just returning to play us their latest stuff.  None of this would be possible without the generousity and talents of those great writers!

The Sources of the Sound:  
Sound engineering for Source of the Song is currently being handled (brilliantly) by Sal Noguera from Erinwood Studios.
In the earliest days, for the first half dozen shows, it was handled by Keith Thompson, once or twice by Ken Brown, and once by Richard Hancock. I may have forgotten someone, and if so, please forgive me ... and drop me a line.  I'll correct the oversight.

We can't run this event, ever, without the generous support and effort of our volunteers. These include, or have included:  Richard Hancock, Paul Sheremeta, Phil Lewin, Janice Gittings, Holly Robinson, Garth Dixon, Bev and Bernie DeJong, Dave Mullan, Cathy McPhee, Steve and Carrie Code, Jim Bright, and others (like the Town Hall Committee, who preserve and operate this hall as a precious community resource).  Our deep and abiding thanks to all ! 

Our Listening Audience: 
The fact is that a truly listening audience is a rare treat.  We are fortunate to enjoy playing our songs -- well proved or brand new -- for an audience that understands what we do, that appreciates, and an audience that truly listens.  We thank you, always, from the bottom of our hearts, for being there to listen.


Previous events

Songwriting Workshop with Alan Rhody

 —  —

Glen Williams Town Hall, 1 Prince Street, Glen Williams, Ontario

Award-winning Songwriter and Touring Artist Who Brings 40 years of Experience Along with Him. Sign Up Now for Either One or Both! Alan Rhody's songwriting workshop delves into the creative process, melody and lyrics, solo writing vs. co-writing, the creative process, where inspiration comes from and much more.
Individual One-on-One Sessions Available with Alan Rhody: Use your private session with Alan any way you wish. Times and locations will be arranged upon sign-up (depending on location of session).

To hold your spot for either of these events, please contact Bruce Madole at: brucemadole@sympatico.ca or call: (905) 459-9753

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