About Bruce

Bruce Madole is a writer with a wry, humorous (and occasionally noir-ish) approach to story-telling. He loves strong characters with strong voices and definite flaws, and he has a long-standing love of the crime and mystery genres. 

Bruce Madole is also an award-winning Canadian songwriter, author, and a songwriting workshop leader, as well as the co-founder, producer and performing host of The Source of the Song Songwriter's concert series (ongoing since 2003, currently in hiatus.) 

He served for over ten years as a volunteer workshop coordinator in the Toronto area for the Nashville Songwriters' Association International (NSAI), co-founding NSAI Toronto's Tin Pan North Songwriters Festival. 

Bruce is a lover of stories. He loves to craft stories, to build characters and give them a voice, and he is a great believer that songs, too, are a form of story.   Hence his chosen Twitter handle:  @SongsAreStories.   

Bruce is a member of SOCAN, and BMI. He continues to describe himself as a student of the craft.  He occasionally writes articles on the subject, and is the author of a workbook (with one-day workshop) called Finding Your Inner Songwriter.