Songwriting workshop - moving ahead on March 21

I can't put it off any longer: I'm going ahead with the first of my own songwriting workshops.  It's not the one I thought I would offer first, and for which I wrote a nifty little workbook -- currently sitting at around 70 pages or so. Because that version of the workshop, like the little book that keeps on growing, has outgrown my ability to deliver it in a weekend session, much less a one-day version.  So with urging from my better half, I decided to tackle a related topic: I've called it  Finding Your Inner Songwriter . 

When:  One day: March 21, 2015. In the Glen Williams Town Hall, where we usually hold our Source of the Song concerts. From 12-5 pm.

It's about the things that drive us, and the knack for discovering where our true strengths and uniqueness lie! 

For anyone who's interested, full details are listed under the Events page on my website. However, I suppose my point is that I decided to just do it, because I grew tired of making excuses, or saying that I would do one "someday".  When the time was right. It may not be perfect, perfectly timed, or perfectly delivered ... but never starting at all was beginning to feel like a great big FAIL. An opportunity to meet with my fellow writers, just thrown away and wasted. So I'll have no more of that.  I'm looking forward to the dialogue, to sharing thoughts and experience with others who are trying to make their way forward in this strange craft.

There's room in the hall.  Let's talk. Let's talk songs. Let's talk about you.   


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