Introducing "The Confused Muse - Thoughts on Songwriting"

I've been a songwriter for a long time now. And I've been a student of the craft, and once, a fair time ago, I was an NSAI Workshop Coordinator for pretty much an entire decade. And I've been guided and helped and "straightened out" on occasion by some great mentors and friends.  Lots of people have been really helpful to me. So, yes, I have thoughts and opinions and news to share from time to time.

Now that I've got a website, wisdom has it that I also need to communicate a bit of what I am doing and thinking, in a space just like this one. Which I have decided to do, right here.

I have been working on developing my own spin on a songwriting workshop, so stay tuned for more news about that, or even snippets of content. 

Why did I call this, The Confused Muse?  First, because I wanted to find something mildly humourous. Secondly, I chose it because songwriting requires both craft and inspiration, and the inspiration part is both deeply unpredictable and impossible to bottle. 

So I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts in this space, and will tune in to see what happens next.  I'm looking forward to it, myself. 


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