After the Ice Storm ... Snow

Well it's been an overly eventful month or so, with Christmas and New Year's and ... oh yes ... no heat or power for a few days thanks to a surreal ice storm that dropped almost an inch of ice on our neighbourhood (as with so many others).  It was just ... strange.  And disorienting. I've seen violent thunderstorms, tornados (and near-tornados) and blizzards and even the tail-end of a hurricane or two, but never seen anything like the damage caused by that ice storm.  It was just rain, a gentle rain, that kept falling, and freezing, and falling, and freezing -- and then there were trees collapsing, exploding, everywhere, and the electrical transformers blowing up, and whole world subsiding into a frozen darkness.  Our beautiful old neighbourhood, heavily treed, has resembled nothing so much as a brush-pile over the past few weeks, as the debris was getting shuffled together and cleared away.  Never seen anything like it. Such damage. 

And so, of course, I'm trying to write a song about it. Struggling with that one, a bit, since I don't like what I've come up with. And about the snow that just keeps coming. (That one, I've made better progress.)  But that's what we do as songwriters, isn't it?  Take the content of our lives (and other people's lives), and try to make some sense of it, or how we feel about it, in song. OK, that's what I do, anyway. Some people write hits. 

And we're organising a couple more of the Source of the Song concerts, with some more great special guests. Keep an eye on the events page, and please sign up for the mailing list, if you would like to be kept informed ! 

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